REDLIME is an organisation dedicated to inspiring social change, instigating thought and transforming human attitude through innovative means of visual communication. As Sri Lanka’s only research and design firm, REDLIME specializes in creating effective communication strategies and deliver powerful messages that speak, move and excite.

With a focused, strategic partnership with some of India’s most profound institutions in the fields of research, design, media, advertising and entertainment, REDLIME is in a unique position to produce unprecedented results for its clients.

REDLIME is a multidisciplinary team composed of energetic and passionate experts, specializing in visual communication, brand management, research & analysis, media, design, films, photography, journalism, art and music. Through extensive research and a careful understanding of each project, REDLIME is able to create solid and holistic design, communication and media strategies.

The REDLIME portfolio extends across various leading brands of diverse sectors, such as banking and finance, FMCG, automobile, electronic and electrical, telecom, media stations, fashion, retail, freight, trading, multilateral donors, and state and non-governmental organisations.

REDLIME has also been highly successful in creating thought-provoking campaigns, promoting peace, anti-violence, language equality, human rights and freedom of expression. Since 2008, REDLIME has been working with the European Union Delegation in Sri Lanka to create awareness on the humanitarian and development assistance work carried out in Sri Lanka. REDLIME also created ‘The People’s Show’, the first ever talk show that engaged the public in constructive social dialogue on various political, social, economical and environmental issues on prime time media. The show was awarded The Best TV Show of the Year at the Sumathy Tele Awards 2010.

REDLIME continues to be a growing and learning organisation, constantly surpassing boundaries and creating winning strategies for its clients.

REDLIME believes in change through thought, imagination and ideation.


BOC Premier Launch Campaign

MTV Sports Launch Campaign

Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)


‘The People’s Show’ is the only non-political talk show created by REDLIME, a Research and Design firm, with the financial support of the European Commission’s Delegation to Sri Lanka and the Maldives,  with the biggest audience and number of participants, has housed more than few hundred experts in various fields and backgrounds and has aired their views and opinions on the various issues discussed. It was a successful media forum in all three main languages of Sri Lanka, reaching more than 3.8 million people through SIRASA TV (Sinhala), SHAKTHI TV (Tamil) and CHANNEL ONE MTV (English). In each of the 24 episodes, a particular development project was highlighted and participants, from grass root level stakeholders to executives of humanitarian and development organisations, were given the limelight to express. This forum was the only platform that offered the Northeast and the Upcountry Tamils, who were deprived of such a forum before, to come out from the darkness and voice their previously suppressed views.  This forum has given opportunities to many stakeholders of the development community, from field-level managers to grass root level beneficiaries, to talk about current issues pertaining to the relevant topics. It has helped to create a broad understanding about humanitarian and development assistance in Sri Lanka by allowing all stakeholders at all levels to be actively involved in discussing the relevant issues based on various topics.

The organisations that participated in ‘The People’s Show’: SDC, USAID, CIDA, Norwegian Embassy, OXFAM GB, CARE, Save the Children in Sri Lanka, WUSC, VSO, IOM, FCE, SARVODAYA, CCC, SANASA, and RDF Puttalam.


Expolanka is one of Sri Lanka’s finest, award-winning  enterprises that has, over the last three decades, achieved phenomenal success in the exports and imports, freight and logistics, manufacturing, airlines, travel and tours, recycling of paper and steel, BPO and tertiary education industries. Strictly committed to excellence, Expolanka has built itself around values and best business practices that have made the conglomerate exemplary in its non-discrimination, eco-friendliness, care for shareholder’s interest and responsibility. Their dare to do spirit has enabled them to transcend ordinary enterpreneurship and be in the forefront of idea and innovation in today’s business sector, not only in Sri Lanka, but also in the international arena through an outstanding 46 companies in 38 cities and 11 countries. Deeply-rooted in familial togetherness, Expolanka is a dynamic market leader that strives to steadily consolidate and sustain growth, and deliver products and services with consistency and quality.






Campaign created for the 71st anniversary of Bank of Ceylon, Sri Lanka’s largest bank, celebrating the bank’s long journey and experiences with various customers of all ages and lifestyles whilst promising the people of Sri Lanka a brighter and more prosperous future.