NEWS 1st CAMPAIGN – 2006

Campaign to draw attention to the pivotal role news broadcasting played during the time of war and terrorism in Sri Lanka whilst promoting NEWS 1st as a brand.


What do you see? Death? Or the life force contained within the head? The facts are often skeletal so look again. Did you know him? Or was it her? Was the end bloody? choice less? a Big Fight? What will it be? State funeral? Mass burial? A Secret? Looks like a perpetrator? A leader? A legend? Or a victim of ethnic cleansing? A Human Being? At the end does it really matter?

Determined to Dig Deeper. Watch.


“Peace keepers and insurgents wield the same weapons. Staring down the barrel of a gun you might discover the impartiality of fate. It is the intent that seals fate, and fate has many faces. Today, in many war-torn regions, weapons are more readily available than food: an AK 47 can be exchanged for a chicken or even a loaf of bread…”

Determined to Dig Deeper. Watch.


How far can you throw a hand grenade? Will it end hatred? Will it buy friends? Will it buy an acre of the Promised Land? The grenade speaks but one language, and is used with single minded intent. Who will throw this grenade? With the intention to kill how many? Where does it come from – the North East? The Deep South? Is it used to achieve a purposeful end, or is it a toy in the hands of a vengeful child?

Determined to Dig Deeper. Watch.


The very sight of barbed wire makes a statement, its intent is unavoidable, it is deadly. Wrapped around a bat it becomes an innovative mutilating weapon, whose impact, can be judged by the bodily scars inflicted on prisoners of war.

Determined to Dig Deeper. Watch.


Where is this from? Did it save a life? Who was it? A leader? A soldier? An innocent bystander? Investigations reveal bloodshed and the need for resuscitation. But the identity of the victim remains unclear. Did it serves its purpose. Was it too late? All we know right now is that the simple salt solution, blood smeared and abandoned, tells the tale of some struggle, or strife…

Determined to Dig Deeper. Watch.


Why is a riot anticipated? What were the people rioting about? Will there be casualties? Will it be pitted against police brutality? Will rubber bullets be fired? Does extreme precaution escalate further violence? Is this a misuse of power? Who decides what measures must be adopted to control and contain a situation that might get out of control?

Determined to Dig Deeper. Watch.


Whose hands did it bind? Who is guilty? Who is innocent? Will the manacled hands of a killer bring back Life? Why did he kill? Why did he steal? Does Life give us the choice to be saints, sinners or free citizens? Are we beyond redemption? Are we handcuffed to History? Do these belong to you?

Determined to Dig Deeper. Watch.


The majority of the population live in areas where electricity is either a rarity or not a phenomenon at all. Resources are not shared equally, yet this is accepted. Electricity is replaced by lamp light, a perceived hardship unknown to themselves. Meals are cooked, children are taught lessons, life at large is stable all by the light of the kerosene lamp – a symbol of the simple life.

Determined to Dig Deeper. Watch.


The fear is real. Riots, curfew, and revenge. Will it be any different this time around? The evidence of times to come looms large. Is a Mass Burial waiting? Lifeless clothes covered in wasteful blood soiled by earth and struggle is all that remains. Betrayals in Peace times are more treacherous than Combat.

Determined to Dig Deeper. Watch.


Responding at the speed of a pulse beat, working 24 hour shifts everyday, every year leaves us with little time for anything else… finishing a meal is a rare privilege. Occupational hazard? Call it what you may, that’s the life we chose. Embracing unpredictability and claiming nothing except the responsibility to bring the news of the moment to you.

Determined to Dig Deeper. Watch.


Friend, Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter

Victim, Widow, Orphan, Survivor

A different story, at the blink of an eye.

The Whole Picture can defeat Life or Death.

Determined to Dig Deeper. Watch.


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